Social media and the first amendment right

Recently, social media has been used a lot more to show people’s opinions and sharing information. The government however, does not like this. The First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, the press, and assembly, has been brought into this situation. This amendment keeps the government from removing things from social media but the private social media companies themselves can remove the posts if they feel they are false information. Lately, social media is one of the most accurate sources of information, if you know what you’re talking about that is. The wrong information can make you look like a hideous, misinformed bigot. While yes, everyone is free to share what they like on social media platforms, that doesn’t always mean the content is appropriate. From pornographic images to gorey, mutilated bodies, social media isn’t a safe place. While yes, some use it to escape the outside world, others use it for much darker purposes such as scamming and trolling. Not everything can be regulated and contained. That is something not even the biggest social media company can regulate. 

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