Give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves

For many people, November 1st marks the first day of Christmas. What gives? You don’t see me celebrating St Patrick’s Day early before your beloved Valentine’s Day, so don’t do the same to me by not acknowledging Thanksgiving. You don’t spend the 2 months before your birthday celebrating, because then once the day finally comes, it won’t feel as special. The same situation applies to Christmas. You all are so quick to bump Christmas songs all through November, putting up Christmas lights, and shopping wayyy too early. Instead, you should toss on some cooking music like Jazz or Soul, put up an inflatable turkey in your front yard, and start researching how to cook a turkey that doesn’t come out dry like you do every year. 

Now I don’t want to sound like the Grinch, in fact, I enjoy Christmas just as much as you guys do, instead, I celebrate it when everyone should, December 1st. If we spent the month of November realizing how good we all have it, feeling grateful for what we do have, maybe we’d want less once Christmas does come. It seems to me like you all would rather receive on holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day, and are too selfish to celebrate Thanksgiving, which is founded on Feeling grateful for all you have, and sharing with your loved ones. Why is it that the thing we most look forward to regarding Thanksgiving is Black Friday? The constant feeling of never being happy with what we already have is what fuels a passion for holidays like Christmas, and the absence of gratitude is why everyone forgets about Thanksgiving. 

The lack of love for a holiday surrounding food could be a growing desire to eat out instead of cook at home. The skill of cooking is slowly diminishing in households, but not mine. By elementary school, my 4 siblings and I were expected to be able to prepare and cook breakfasts and lunches for ourselves, not because our parents were lazy, but because it was a great skill to have. Because of that, Thanksgiving is a celebration of our families’ cooking abilities, a celebration of our personalities put into food, and a celebration of our creativeness. Maybe if more families developed cooking skills, Thanksgiving would become a holiday you can look forward to too. 

If you’re someone who jumps straight from Halloween to Christmas, I better not see your plate of food posted on your Instagram once Thanksgiving rolls around.

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