Emilio Nesrala

The Los Angeles Lakers, for the 17th time in history, have done it again. With LeBron James leading the team, the Lakers have won their first NBA championship since 2010, bringing back a much-needed sense of success to the organization, as well as reigniting the age-old debate between NBA fans over who exactly is the greatest player to hit the court. Many say that it is LeBron James, while others argue that it is instead Michael Jordan, each of them citing statistics and plays, as well as influence and fame. 

Those that believe LeBron to be the greatest have always faced fierce criticism from Jordan fans over LeBron’s postseason record, specifically LeBron’s winning percentage in the NBA Finals. With Michael Jordan’s perfect 6-0 run in the Finals, LeBron fans often find themselves bombarded with the statistic, hearing it so often that it has become a running joke in the NBA community. Alexander Sanchez, an NBA fan who sides with those that believe LeBron is the greatest, stated, “If I had a nickel for every time I have heard the phrase ‘6-0’ from a Jordan fan, I’d be richer than Bezos.” He then went on to elaborate his take on things, explaining that he believes “Jordan fans always ignore the fact that Jordan was eliminated three separate times in the first round of the playoffs, while LeBron has never lost a single first-round series.” 

On the other hand, those who instead find themselves supporting Jordan’s legacy often hear the argument claiming that Jordan was never truly able to carry a team by himself. Alexander explained the argument, stating that “Jordan only ever won one single postseason game without Scottie Pippen.” This enraged Michael Cardona, an avid NBA fan who identifies most closely with those who believe that Jordan is the best basketball player in history. He responded to Alexander, reminding him that “LeBron was swept in the Finals both times he was without an all-star.”

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