The decades old Yearbook tradition that needs to change

By Holden Forero: Photo Editor

Senior superlatives, or “most likelys” are looked forward to by most seniors every year on the account that they are fun for those who partake in them, however, a few of this year’s categories appear to be somewhat hurtful. Most are positive things to be voted for, such as “best personality”, “most artistic”, and “most likely to succeed”, but others like “biggest flirt”, “biggest chatterbox”, “worst driver” or “most likely to ask for a ride” not so much. The general outlook on superlatives is a good one because it’s usually friends voting for friends, but as categories become negative, problems can ensue when votes are placed for people that may not be widely liked. A student may vote their friend for “best smile” but vote “biggest chatterbox” to that kid they find annoying who always tries to talk to them in first period when that kid was just trying to make friends. How would that person feel to be voted “biggest chatterbox”? Or how would the girl who has had a few boyfriends feel to be voted “biggest flirt”. How would her parents feel if they read in their daughter’s yearbook that she was given the title “biggest flirt”. The kid who got in an accident earlier in the year and now is too scared to drive being voted “worst driver”, how about him? These are the scenarios that the yearbook staff has overlooked, and in the future, that needs to be considered when selecting categories. These negative titles given to students are an outlet for bullying implemented by the school, and that’s why they need to change. In some schools, the category “biggest flirt ” used to be “easiest girl” and the need for change there was obvious. The first change was made years ago, and now it’s time for the second change where we remove negative categories altogether. Superlatives can most certainly be a good thing, just as long as they aren’t harmful to students who get voted for them.

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