Due to the overflow of phone numbers needed in the 909 area and the shortage of available numbers, callers in this area will now need to add +1 to the beginning of the number they dial.

As of January 23, 2021 callers will need to type +1 in front of the 909 area code in order for their call to go through. Although, on cellular or mobile telephones, the extra 1 is not required after the reprogram or update of the device. This change will not affect three-digit numbers such as 911 which will remain the same.

 In addition to this change, on February 3, 2021, people in need of a new phone number will receive either a 909 area code or the new 840 area code to increase the availability of new numbers.

If this update slips your mind the phone will say your call can not be completed and to try re-dialing the number. Make sure to update your phone books as well as your minds on this new update so next time you decide to make a call remember the new dialing procedure.

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