Navigating Preparedness

Your Digital Preparedness Plan

See how creating a SS3D digital preparedness plan can support emergency services at your location.

Precise Location

Dynamic tagging allows us to mark your site's utilities and emergency assets for quick on-site planning.

Ready to Go

Digital hard copies are provided for your emergency response bag.

Accurate Design

SafeScape3D plans are accurate within 1cm degree of uncertainty within a range of 130 ft of distance


A password protected copy of your plan is available 24/7 on the web.

About us

Who We Are

SafeScape3D was founded by two educators who believed they improve emergency preparedness plans for school sites in the United States.

Today we work with Emergency Managers, School Districts, and Law Enforcement Agencies around the nation, better preparing government, city, and educational facilities for their next disaster. 

Our Team

Meet Our Team Skills

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Marthar Swara


Andrey Pora


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Design 90%
Development 85%
Marketing 80%
App Development 90%
WordPress 85%
PHP 90%
Graphic Design 80%
Data Security 95%
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